Destination Italy by Coco's

A lot of people have would never travel to Italy if they didn’t have an Italian friend to help them navigate the country.  Yes, Italy can be a little intimidating, but this country is so deep in history and rewarding that it is worth the effort!  I make traveling to Italy easy and affordable.  

If you are ready to travel to Italy with me then go to the contact page and send me a message.  I lead tours about 8 times a year and they usually sell out before a year in advance, so don’t hesitate to call me at 615-474-5989.  I would love to have you travel to Italy with me.  It will be like going to Italy with your Italian cousin.  Chuck Cinelli

When you travel to Italy with me, you’ll experience Italy like you’re an insider. Come meet and tour this beautiful country with all of my Italian friends, who hold the keys to the Kingdom! This video will answer most of your questions about touring with me.


After watching the video and you still are interested in my tours
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I take all of the guesswork out of your trip and when you travel with me you enjoy Italy in more ways than you dreamed possible. No lines. Nothing unexpected. No second guessing yourself. Relax, and soak up a smooth fun trip that will delight all of your senses every moment you spend in Italy!

Chuck Cinelli, Owner of Coco’s Italian Market
“It’s like traveling with your Italian Cousin.”



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Have a destination in mind outside of Italy? Let me know what your looking for we can set you up with tours to Africa, Ireland, Asia, Croatia, Israel and more!